PC Freeware

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A collection of PC game that are freeware
This collection is usable only with GameBase Front-End only that you must download form "reference site".
Instruction to install Gamebase and games: 1) Install GameBase v1.3
2) Decompress rar archive with "extract here" 3) Copy PC Freeware dir into GameBase directory made with gamebase installation 4) Launch the GBToolBox icon (or if you don't see icon, go to gamebase dir and launch the GBToolBox.exe) 5) Launch the GameBase icon (or if you don't see any icon link, go to gamebae dir and launch the gamebase.exe) 6) Click on PC Freeware and enjoy! Here how to configure gamebae 1) When you are in PC Freeware, go to "Tools" menu and from here to PC Freeware Paths 2) Here you have to put the path for games, extra and screenshot. 3) Click on "Games" and select where you have copy dos games. Example: "c:\program\gamebase\PC Freeware\games\
You have to make the same operation for screenshot and extra. 4) Now go to "Tools" Menu again 5) Launch "verify Available Files". This operation check if you have put right paths and show you any games and screenshot Emulators should be already configured, but if it isn't, you have to configure the path 1) Go to GEMUS Menu 2) Choose any "emuator" and here go to "Emulator PathFilename" on the right 2a) Click on "Browse" to find where in your path there is dosbox emulator Example: c:\program\gamebase\pc freeware\emulator\xxxx
And then click on xxxx icon. 3) Make this operation for any emulator that you find in GEMUS Menu Size: 183 GB  Language: English  Genre: Retrogaming  Reference Site: http://www.bu22.com/  Bandwitch  = 500kb/s


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