Rigmar Karaoke Collection 2019 CDG+MP3

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Rigmar Karaoke Collection 2019 is 167,090 files CDG+MP3 in a single RAR Archive or 83545 Karaoke tracks which become 507 GB uncompressed.  This is not a download for slow downloading peers or beginners to Bittorrent and is possibly the largest torrent on line today.  The RAR Archive is 379 GB in size.

Possibly the best maintained collection online today, this is both for the experienced Karaoke presenter who's collection has run away with time and needs a total overhaul to get rid of duplicates and errors and poor search results, or the brand new Host who can not afford to purchase a start-up collection and spare the time required to rip that collection from Karaoke CD rom.

Multiple Label choice on most songs.  Multi language with Spanish, French, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Scottish, Maltese, Italian, Hebrew, and Irish tracks included.

Rigmar Radio - Rockin' the Free World since 1967

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