Rigmar Karaoke Collection March 2018 ReSeed

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Over 700 downloads on the orginal March 2018 Torrent.  This is a reseed of that same torrent with this info file updated.

If you got stuck on the March original please just stop that torrent and then load this new one pointing it to the same save location and it will check and resume as the core RAR file is the same.

This is a very large 324GB download and should not be attempted if you can not download at speeds above 2.5MB/s or 20 megabits per second over a period of time.   At that speed this download will take 2 days.  VERY fast download speeds are available on this torrent.

All files are CDG+MP3 and held in a single RAR Archive.  You can download the Excel spreadsheet or the plain text CSV file first to see if the files contained in this torrent are best for you before you go for the main RAR Archive.

The RAR Archive contains 77,704 Karaoke Songs with multiple label choice on the popular ones.

The Archive will take many hours to unpack even on a fast machine and you require 400GB free to download it and a further 500GB drive space to unpack it.

This is possibly the best maintained Karaoke collection in the World today and all files are tagged and named following Industry standards for Music files on a Computer and designed for professional playout on a PC or MAC using DJ Video playout software.  The files will import into all Karaoke home software as well.  Note these are not midi files or MP4 HD Karaoke video.

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