Rigmar Collection April 2017 CDG+MP3 Karaoke

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The Rigmar Karaoke Collection April 2017 CDG+MP3 Audio 128 or better in a Single RAR Archive

WARNING This is a very large download (301GB).   Please do not attempt if you can not download at speeds well in excess of 10 megabits per second (Mbps) or 1.25 MB/s (MegaBytes per second)
Target Download time is 49 Hours or LESS.   The Piece size is 16Mb which is very large and slow download peers will struggle to finish this download.   

WARNING: The Karaoke files are contained in a SINGLE WinRAR Archive folder which may take a very long time to de compress, depending on the power of your hardware.  Please download and view the files outside this RAR Archive before you go ahead with the main download if you are not sure.

WARNING: This is a re seed of the 59 Archives I first put up in Jan to March of this year, but all the files are now contained in a single archive.  I did not finish this upload on Demonoid as the site went down for a while about then.

74 Thousand plus Karaoke files make up this collection, which was last updated in April 2017.  This Collection is possibly the best maintained and largest available for free download on the Internet today.   It is uploaded once every year on the public torrent sites and is designed for those new to Karaoke presentation who would like an instant professional quality collection to start them up with.

All files have been renamed and tagged following the best industry recommendations for the computer file names of MUSIC FILES.   Original Karaoke Index and disc info have been removed from what should be the Artist field and the Karaoke Label information has been added correctly in square brackets to the end of the file name giving excellent results when imported into  professional Karaoke playout software used by DJ's in pubs and clubs who also playback Audio and HD Music Video tracks which follow the same file name and tag conventions.  All tracks can also be played on domestic home software such as WinAMP and the VLC Media player for home rehearsals.

The industry recommended file structure for MUSIC on any computer system is:

Artist - Song Title [Any Other Information]  

The Karaoke in this vast collection is titled/tagged like this:

Tom Jones - The Green Green Grass Of Home [SC Karaoke]
Tom Jones - The Green Green Grass Of Home [SF Karaoke]
Tom Jones - The Green Green Grass Of Home [L Karaoke]
Tom Jones - The Green Green Grass Of Home [Z Karaoke]


SC = Sound Choice
SF = Sun Fly
L  = Legends
Z  = Zoom and so on.  Home Made and specialist French, Spanish, Swedish, German, Italian and Maltese language tracks are included.  The Karaoke Label is not given on tracks that are not English, just the language, for example:

Los Del Rio - Macarena [Spanish Karaoke]

Making searching for non english tracks as simple as possible for those who only speak and read/write English.  Enjoy.  Rigmar Radio - Seeding to the World since 2004

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